Sun and field... FLY!

Some months ago, I went with some friends to The States. We spend some good time, everyone of us in a different house, with an american family. One day MartinaViki and I went to a field near my host house. That was a really nice place so we took some pictures:

Today I've bought new glasses!! And I love them. 
They are just a little rounder than the old ones. 
Don't worry, I'll wear both :)

 Hope you'll like it.



Some looks.

Love Viki's skirt and Marta's look.

Soon I'll have a new amazing garment, can't wait!!



Rainbow kiss.

Last Saturday I had to make a picture for homework, yes yes, FOR HOMEWORK! Isn't it incredible? So we ( Viki, Marta, and I ) went downtown and make some photos like this ones:

My homework was about make a picture of a kiss.
HEYHEY! I have new shoes, and I love them:



Yesterday I went to pick up some photos, I like them but they aren't as cool as the first ones. 

        L'estació de França.

   The water fight.

    Ciutadella park.

I want a new hair cut, but I'm 
not sure if I will like it or 
not. AAAAh!
Maybe like this one: