Hi! I've returned! 

This last days I've been making a lot of pictures, especially working and practicing with the moved ones. This is the result. Hope you'll like it.

Tomorrow I'm going to Florence, I'm really excited. Don't worry, I'll return with lots of pictures!!

See you.




This is my first work about photography. We had to do some pictures about forms, like the streets or human body. I chose the landscape and architecture one. I've already presented it in class. Tell me your opinion!!



Zooming in Polaroid.

Last Friday I had my first practical class of photography. We went outside and start doing photos. It was really cool although we didn't go where at the first time I wanted to go. The place was Magba, and the time 12:30h, so it was really hot. Here there are some pics about:

Yesterday NeusViki and I bought Polaroid paper film for Neus camera, we tried it and it's amazing how make pictures: