Horizon perfect.

Tomorrow I'm leaving. Actually today I'm leaving cause it's 1am. I'm very excited!!

These pictures are from St. Feliu, my village. 

Yes, I'm aalways photographing flowers. 

Uee! I have a multicolor fish on my table and a
black dice. They will be the key ring of my 
future motorbike key!

Some days before was the St.Joan's eve. We throw fireworks and made bonfires. It was so funny. It is my favorite tradition.

Today we made a big water fight in the beach, like 800 people more or less. I spend a good time wetting blond girls. Muahahaha.


Everything has a positive side.

Yesterday was a fateful day, and a good day too for many things. Yesterday I had an exam, and I failed it. Yesterday many of my friends were sad. Yesterday I couldn't go to the school and say goodbye. But...
Yesterday was also the best day (or one of them) of my life! It was the last day of school and my last day in that school. It's very awesome think that I needn't go to that school never more. We made the last class dinner, and it was wonderful. 
The best thing it's that yesterday I went to pick up a camera that was broken, and now it works! It's a second-hand Minolta, and I love how it makes photos.


I'm new here so I don't know really what to say...
First: I wanna make this clear, my name is not Aina Cuffí. My name is more bored and normal, is Anna Meléndez.
Anyway. I allways wanted to do a blog and now I don't know about what it is. I supose that it will be a fashion blog or about photography. I wish you'll enjoy it!