Horizon perfect.

Tomorrow I'm leaving. Actually today I'm leaving cause it's 1am. I'm very excited!!

These pictures are from St. Feliu, my village. 

Yes, I'm aalways photographing flowers. 

Uee! I have a multicolor fish on my table and a
black dice. They will be the key ring of my 
future motorbike key!

Some days before was the St.Joan's eve. We throw fireworks and made bonfires. It was so funny. It is my favorite tradition.

Today we made a big water fight in the beach, like 800 people more or less. I spend a good time wetting blond girls. Muahahaha.

3 comentarios:

  1. we are leaving today, no more days left, seems impossible, isnt it?
    oh i love the photos from sant feliu, they are very nice, and i don't know how did you make the effects (ironia... hahha)
    also firework's photos are awesome!

    see you tomorrow in the airport :)

  2. hahaha esque les fotos que tenia amb tu caminan estaven totes mogudes!
    per cert jo havia comentat aqui i no esta el meu comentari!!!! :-o
    enfin, me ira muy bonito haha

  3. you don't post since almost two months! come on post post post post post :)