What we do when we can't sleep?

How boring is the summer! I miss my city and everything that fits in it.

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  1. love the first picture!
    in fact i love them all ;P

    and of course i know what an LC-A is ;D!

  2. i feel you girl! i know which feeling is when you can't sleep cause there's a bunch of twenty-something-guys singing in your living room, or should i say yelling in your living room?
    Fuck them all! hahahaha

    la primera foto me intriga muuucho! hahh :)

  3. When I can't sleep i remember my mother saying, You have to relax and don't get nervous if you can sleep...
    that is what I do, I TRY not getting nervous and finally I fell asleep..
    or if you cannot sleep you can always go to parties! hahaha